Danube Delta

Danube Delta is a wonderful realm, unique in Europe. A trip to its heart leaves the turist a lasting impression because of its beauty and uniqueness of the landscapes. White waterlilies floating on on the river, a lot of birds flying in the visitor proximity, places where salt water from the Black Sea intermingles with the Danube sweet water in a landscape of forgetfulness that eye and video cameras retain it in its splendor.

Trip informations :

Main category: Danube Delta
Difficulty: Easy
Nr. of days: 7
Number of persons: 18
Price: 80 Euro /person / day
The accomodation is on a 4 stars floating hotel. The price includes: : 3 meals/day/accommodation in 2 places berth, mineral water and coffee. Other alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are to be paid.
Season: Spring ,Summer, Autumn (March - November)
Scope and activities: Landscapes, Natural Monuments of nature, History;
Equipment: Rain cloak, Sun glasses, Solution against mosquitoes

7 days Danube Delta


Pelicans in flight
Pelicans in flight
Pelicans in flight
  • Pelicans in flight
    Pelicans in flight
  • 4 stars floating hotel
    4 stars floating hotel
  • The lighthouse from Sulina
    The lighthouse from Sulina
  • Sunset on Trei Iezere Lake
    Sunset on Trei Iezere Lake
  • Traditional house in Saint George
    Traditional house in Saint George
  • Storks at Mile 23
    Storks at Mile 23
  • Fishing House in Letea
    Fishing House in Letea
  • Cormorants
  • Rustic landscape in Saint George
    Rustic landscape in Saint George
  • Hotel Restaurant



FIRST DAY :Start point Tulcea town - Murighiol. Travel time around 5 hours.
SECOND DAY : Murighiol - Dunarea Veche - Uzlina - Channel Uzlina - Lake Uzlina - Lake Isac - Channel Panaiotova - Channel Perevolovca - Lake Taranova. Travel time : around 5 hours.
THIRD DAY : Uzlina - Hostel Cormoran - Channel Perevolovca - Lake Taranova - Lake Erenciuc - Ivancea. Travel time : around 6 hours.
FOURTH DAY : Ivancea - Village Sfintu Gheorghe - Isles Sacalin - Black Sea beach - Village Sfintu Gheorghe. Travel time around 7 hours.
FIFTH DAY : Sfintu Gheorghe village - Channel Tataru - Lake Rosu - Lake Rosulet - Girla Imputita - Channel Busurca - Sulina - Mila 8. Travel time around 8 hours .
SIXTH DAY: Mila 8 - Letea Forest - Crisan - Bogdaproste Lake - Lake Trei Iezere - Channel Eracle - Mila 23. Travel time 8 hours.
SEVENTH DAY: Mila 23 - Lake Ligheanca - Lake Vacaru - Lake Baclanestiul Mare - Lake Vacaru - Lake Nebunu - Channel 36 - Tulcea. Travel time around 8 hours.